G&T 0708B high precision optical fiber cleaver

G&T 0708 high-precision optical fiber cleaver is used for precision cutting of single core fiber optical strands.
This can be applied to 250um coated strands aswell as 900um. Cutting angles are small and precise. No skill is required for this tool.
Off-cut collector attached to side.


The average Cleave Angle:  0.5degrees
Cleave length: 5-20mm
Blade Life: 48,000 Fiber Core(1000 Fiber Core*16 Face*3 High)
Optical fiber package size:  125μm
Coated outer diameter:  0.25&0.9mm
Size:  63W*76D*63H(mm) (no include fiber box)
Weight:  420g
Blade model: RB-22